What Does It Take to Be a Good Parent? Essay Example

To be a parent is regarded as one of the most fulfilling experiences any person can have ever in his or her life. Although every parents up bring their off springs in their own manner in line with their natural instincts, there are small bits of genuine advice that are helpful when you face challenges in upcoming years. However, the most important and invaluable thing any parent can give to their children, is the sense of being adored and loved. A gentle tap on the back, a few words of encouragement, praise, agreement or even a slight smile with gleaming eyes can serve assist your child in his/her lifelong well being and boos of confidence. Never forget to prioritize their privacy the same way as you prioritize yours; for instance, if you have taught your children that your room is out of boundaries for them, treat their room with the same respect. Make them feel that they are free and independent and that once they enter their room they know that no one would obscure their privacy by looking into their drawers or reading their diaries. And most important of all, avoid arguing with your spouse in front of the children. Arguments should be limited to the bedroom only and very quietly, and only when children are asleep. Children have already been feeling insecure due to the modern divorce rates and become uncertain about their futures when they hear parents arguing. Moreover, they would get the example of arguing with each other the same way as their parents do. Provide them with living examples of you yourself that when people have differences, they can settle it between themselves peacefully. Start giving up your negative habits: alcohol, gambling, and drugs would only lead to jeopardizing of financial security of your child’s. Alternatively, smoking would results in polluting the child’s environment and creating health hazards. Scientific studies have related second hand exhaled smoke to several ailments in children regarding respiration. Early death of the parent could also be triggered by smoking. Drugs and alcoholic drinks may also lead towards health hazards and might even expose your child to violence. With a little self-motivation and patience you can be a great parent.

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