Winners Take All, Case Study Example

  1. What factors (Weaknesses, Threats) seem to be causing the key problems? Do some share a cause, or are they somehow otherwise related?

Practically, the mission and vision of the organization has been affected by the desire to increase the performance accuracy of the professors through providing them higher rate of salaries. Instead of making a more unified approach in pushing and motivating the professors to work better on their researches and become more accurate in the data that they present in each study that they publish, the new program entails to divide the organization. It entails to push the employees to become more personally focused on their desires and their hopes of becoming recognized in the field of scholarly education. This specifically affected both the personal being of the professors alongside the consideration they have over the fact that they are able to apply what they learn at well and such capacity is recognized  accordingly.

The division of payments specifically measured the capacity of each person to perform his duty which has become specifically demeaning to those who cannot reach the excellent [standard] as based on the evaluation provided by the administrators of the university. Notably, this condition makes it harder for those who are found at the lower grid of the evaluation results, thus making it easier for them to decide to simply resign and accept offer of other universities who are able to consider their abilities as assets towards progress and development of their own institutions.

  1. What group and/or individual needs might be served by the current situation in the case?

Relatively, it is the needs of the professors to be recognized accordingly that ought to be served in the current situation. While the evaluations intend to assume the condition of motivation through exacting excellence from the teaching staff of the university, it also intends to question whether or not a person is supposed to be considered excellent based on his salary pay. On the contrary, the capacity of each professor to accept the challenge not only increases their level of excellence, it also entails them to become huge assets of the organization therefore specifically affecting the overall reputation of the university as recognized in the industry and the market that it tries to serve.

  1. What rewards – formal or informal, financial or non-financial- support the existing situation?

While it was essential to provide financial support and development to the motivation that is imposed in the system, it is also suggested that non-financial rewards be imposed. Promotion and recognizable press releases could be helpful in this process. Providing recognizable and reputable resources of being noted for their work is what often makes it easier for professors to embrace the desire to become more motivated to perform well in relation to the tasks that are assigned to them. This involves both the need to come up with effective and accurate studies and the desire to teach their classes at a better pace and state, giving the organization a chance to realize the kind of reputation that they hope to have in relation to how they perform their task for the development of the overall field of education. Managing how the people see the evaluation process and how it should affect them personally could specifically give a definitive path towards the motivation of the professors and an improvement on how the organization itself becomes specifically recognizable in the industry therefore attracting the right sector of the market it hopes to serve.