Women’s Health, Reaction Paper Example

Women’s Health is a field which addresses concerns and conditions which specifically affect women.  Because women have different health issues than men, it is beneficial to have an area which focuses on these issues and how they are related to women.  For example, breast health is a concern for many women.  Issues such as breast cysts, breast cancer, and breast augmentation are more likely to affect women than men.  Also, certain hormones and their fluctuations cause women to face specific problems relating to menstruation, menopause, and disorders affecting the female reproductive organs.   Hormonal changes may also predispose women to more autoimmune conditions such as hypothyroidism and lupus.  Women may often manifest certain diseases differently such as heart disease.  According to the Mayo Clinic (2011), women do not have the “typical” symptoms such as chest pain. Women often experience discomfort in the neck, shoulder, upper back, or abdomen.  Other symptoms which may be ignored include shortness of breath, sweating, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, or dizziness.  Women usually have blockages in smaller arteries along with the main arteries; a condition called microvascular disease.  By providing a specific field which relates to women, both patients and health care providers are able to better understand various diseases and create more effective treatment plans.

The “self” essentially is one’s own awareness of their existence as a separate entityfrom the rest of the world.  There are many different definitions ranging from spiritual and religious, to more applicable approaches in the social sciences.  The opinions on the “self” influence many aspects of biotechnologies such as stem cell research and life support.  Embryonic stem cells have the ability to differentiate and perform a variety of functions in the human body.   The question of fetal consciousness is crucial when considering the implementation of embryonic stem cells.  Because they are able to differentiate into any function, what awareness may they possess?  If there is an awareness, would that transfer to the recipient of the transplant?  Another conflict of the “self” within the field of biotechnology involves relying on life support to sustain a person while they are in a vegetative state.  If a person is not conscious, then there is no concept of the “self.”  If they are to reawaken, then the “self” may be realized, though some would argue that the “self” is still present due to the concept of the soul.  Since the soul cannot be proven, people must rely on the concept of the self as one’s own awareness.  Whether or not one believes consciousness to be the result of a religious or chemical nature is up to the individual.

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