Agency Analysis and Interview, Case Study Example

Selected Agency: Camillus House


Please complete the following information about your selected agency. Type your responses in the gray boxes. The boxes will expand as you type.

Agency Information

Prior to your physical visit, research the agency. Where is the agency located? What types of information about the agency are publicly available?

1. Address: 336 Northwest 5th Street,

Miami, Florida 33128

  Phone Number: (305) 374-1065
  Website Address:
2. History of the agency:
Camillus House reports having provided “humanitarian services to the indigent and homeless populations of Miami-Dade County, Florida for nearly 50 years.” (Camillus House, 2011) Camillus House was established by the ‘Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd’ in 1960 and has experienced continuous growth since then. Camillus house began as a very small overnight shelter and has since grown into a “full service center offering a full ‘continuum of care’ for those who are poor and homeless. (Camillus House, 2011, paraphrased)
3. Quote the mission statement of the agency:
  The Mission Statement of Camillus House is as follows:

“Every service offered at Camillus is carried out with the deeply held belief that every human being is precious in the eyes of the Lord and deserves love, respect, and a chance to live a dignified life. Camillus does much more than offer a free meal, medical care, a shower, or drug treatment. It offers a second chance to the desperate, the lonely, and the ones society has left behind. Many of the clients who come to Camillus House have nowhere else to go. They have no friends, no family, and no loved ones to help them through their times of trouble. Camillus House becomes their family, giving them the hope and support they need to begin the long, difficult transition to a new life and self-sufficiency.” (Camillus House, 2011)

4. What are the goals of the agency? What are the future plans?
  The goals of Camillus House are to assist those who are poor and homeless in meeting their daily needs while simultaneously assisting them to prepare themselves to live a life that is dignified. Camillus House has previously opened the first facility of its new campus, which has been named Shepherd’s Court. Shepherd’s Court will make provision of permanent housing for 80 individuals who were previously homeless. The goals of Camillus House are to assist those who are poor and homeless in meeting their daily needs while simultaneously assisting them to prepare themselves to live a life that is dignified. Apartments at the campus rent for less than $200.00 per month for homeless individuals and those with physical and mental disabilities and those who have sources of income such as government assistance and even jobs in some cases. Included in the building are both computer and exercise rooms as well as a library and classroom space. (Camillus House, 2011) Reported as the “oldest and probably most well known of the services offered at Camillus House are the ‘hospitality services’ with the primary goal of ensuring that “each client’s basic human needs for food, clothing and overnight shelter are met.” (Camillus House, 2011)
4. List services/programs offered by the agency
  Housing and food first then followed by other various programs to assist the homeless.
5. What are the agency’s healthcare goals/priorities for this year? 5 years?
  Camillus House health care goals include medical outreach services and HIV/AIDS interventions in the community, street, and shelter sites throughout Miami – Dade County. The future goals of Camillus House health care services are to expand preventive health care in the community. Camillus Health Concern is reported as a “Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).” (Camillus House, 2011)

Physical Location

Physically survey the agency location.

6. Is the agency easy to locate? Describe the physical location. Is there adequate parking? Is the agency clearly marked? Does the site appear to be well-maintained? Is the location near public transportation?
  Camillus House is easy to locate and the medical clinic and administration building is located at 336 NW 5th Street, in Miami Florida. There is adequate parking and the location is clearly marked and well maintained. Furthermore, Camillus House is accessible through use of public transportation.
7. Describe the lobby or waiting area of the agency. Is there any form of security in the clinic (i.e., locked doors, badge access, security cameras)?
  The lobby and waiting area of Camillus House are inviting and practicable at the same time and there is security including cameras and a security guard on duty.
8. What types of signage do you see? Does the agency provide any types of brochures or pamphlets? What types of information is available?
  There are various signs in the building directing individuals to various locations and brochures and pamphlets are available which describe the services and programs offered by Camillus House.
9. Describe the people you see in the waiting area (i.e. sex, age, race, ethnicity). Estimate % based on observations
  Observed in the waiting room were several senior citizens primarily African-American and several young mothers and their children, which were also largely represented by the African-American race.

Agency Policies

10. Who regulates the clinical site?
  Camillus House is regulated by the government as it is in receipt of grant funding from the government.
11. How is the clinical site funded?
  As previously mentioned, the site is currently funded from a government grant.

Agency’s Outcomes/Evaluation

12. How do the agency personnel determine if the healthcare goals/priorities are being met?
  Regular compilation of outcome data is analyze by agency personnel to determine whether the health care goals and priorities of Camillus House are being met.
13. To what extent have the healthcare goals/priorities been met?
  It is held by those reporting in this study that those goals and priorities are largely being met.

Agency Employee (Interview Questions)

Ask the following interview questions. Probe for information to develop a complete sense of the agency, clients and community.

14. What are the services offered by the agency?
  Housing and food first then followed by other various programs to assist the homeless.
15. What are the 4 most common health problems of clients served by the agency?
  Drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, lack of affordable health care, and Domestic Violence.
16. When clients are referred to other agencies, what are the most common reasons for referral and to what agencies do you referral clients
  When clients are referred to other agencies generally those agencies are located in the Miami-Dade, Florida area of service.
17. Describe clients (i.e. sex, age, race, ethnicity) served by agency. Estimate %.
  Approximately 74% of those served are children who are homeless. The average single homeless person is 41% males and 39% females with less than a high school education and who are homeless for less than one week. The average homeless family is reported to have a single head of household at the rate of 82%. The average age of males in homeless families is 35 years of age and the average age of females in homeless families is 31 years of age. The average age of the child is 7 years of age in a homeless family and the average family size among homeless families is 3.14 persons.
18. Describe the income profile of clients (i.e. range, average and poverty rates). Estimate %.
  Nearly all homeless clients are in the poverty income range.
19. How many clients are served by this clinical agency (i.e. clients per day, week, month, or year)?
  On an average night there are 1,000 individuals staying in Camillus House homeless shelter.
20. Describe 3 lifestyle risk behaviors
  Drug and alcohol use, domestic violence, and unprotected sex.

Agency Client (Interview Questions) If a client cannot be interviewed, continue asking an agency employee these questions.

21. What are the strengths of the community?
  Highly coordinated and properly funded services and programs to assist those who are homeless.
22. What are the community problems in the following areas?
  Health:  Lack of affordable health care and preventive services present barriers to those who are homeless.
  Safety & Crime:  Camillus House faces problems in safety where there is a threat of stealing medical equipment, drugs and supplies on site.
  Transportation:  Camillus House facilitates access to care by providing van transportation, taxi service, and bus and metro rail tokens so transportation is not a large barrier to the homeless.
23. Discuss 3 health and safety needs of the community (i.e. services, programs, etc)?
  Preventive care, disease screening, educational opportunities about self-care.


Analysis and Summary: Analyze and summarize the information you observed and recorded. Based on this information obtained in this assignment only, write a summary of the key issues focusing on health and safety issues for this population.

Camillus House serves approximately 1,000 individuals who are homeless on any given night. Camillus House with its various services and programs offer the community of homeless individuals’ access to health care counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, and domestic violence shelter and care. In addition, homeless individuals may acquire permanent affordable housing through Camillus House programs. Camillus House focuses on assisting those who are homeless in the community with housing, clothing, food, shelter, and healthcare and assists the homeless in maintaining their own dignity during times of hardship.


Community Health Nursing Diagnoses: Write two priority community health nursing diagnoses. Use the correct format: Health Risk/problem of (specific injury, illness, or potential of, complications of, etc) among (specific population) related to (supporting evidence).

For example: Risk of asthma complications among children in SE Dallas County related to clinic nurse reporting an increase in children with asthma over the last 5 years, clients’ mother reported child’s asthma seems to be getting worse and NP said we see about 6-8 children every day with asthma complications).

Community Health Nursing Diagnoses #1
Health Risk – HIV/AIDS

Potential of Complications – Death

Specific population – those who are homeless in the Miami Dade, Florida community

Community Health Nursing Diagnoses #2
Health Risk – Alcohol and substance abuse

Potential of Complications – Incarceration, commitment to mental institution and potentially death.

Specific population – those who are homeless in the Miami Dade, Florida community.




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