Blood Bank, Application Essay Example

Value Proposition

We are in the business of meeting blood supply needs of our clients. The demand for services provided by our clients often exceed their resources, thus, any opportunity to reduce costs is quite valuable. Our business model is focused on economies of scale so that we can offer lower prices to our clients. We also help our clients maintain low costs through long-term contracts which means we will absorb any rise in costs of obtaining blood during the life of the contract. We serve all 32 hospitals in Riyadh and control all aspects of the business from blood collection and blood testing to supply to our clients. Second, we take care of everything so the blood inventory is ready-to-use when it is delivered to our clients. We have state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that blood is collected, properly tested, categorized into types, and finally separated into red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. All of this means our clients can count on us to deliver high-quality blood supply and ensure patient safety.

By relieving our clients of the need to worry about blood supply, we help them focus more on other aspects of business operations. The shared information technology system allows all authorized personnel at healthcare facilities to put orders for blood supply at the touch of the mouse, resulting in a quick and efficient ordering system. This prevents bureaucratic hurdle and is especially beneficial when every second is precious to save a patient’s life.

Customer Relationship

We serve both private and public sector hospitals and have dedicated customer service accounts to meet the unique needs of our different clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and also help them identify opportunities to reduce costs through more efficient business operations.

We do not rely on third parties and operate our own supply chain network. This means the clients can count on us for timely deliveries. In addition, we also have the capacity to meet clients’ emergency needs on short notice. Our customer service helpline operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year including national and religious holidays. Our customer service staff has been especially trained to anticipate client needs and respond to their concerns on priority basis.

Even though we are in the business of blood supply, our staff has been advised to honor our clients’ custom requests. For example, we have provided testing services to clients who arranged for blood supply from a third party. In another instance, we arranged for an emergency delivery of a rare blood type from another city because it was one of those rare occasions when the demand exceeded our inventory stock.

For the convenience of our clients, we have implemented different communication tools. Our clients can interact with us through email, phone, or simply place order over the internet. Our clients can even speak directly to the head of marketing or even the company president which demonstrates our commitment to their complete satisfaction.

Customer Segmentation

We are focused on all 32 hospitals in Riyadh. We understand these hospitals often vary in size and even the type of services they provide. Similarly, they often serve different types of patients. In order to provide better service to all our clients and allocate our resources accordingly, we have segmented our clients into four groups which are Large Private Hospitals, Small Private Hospitals, Large Public Hospitals, and Small Public Hospitals. We have four dedicated customer service groups which focus on each of these customer segments. These dedicated customer service groups operate independently of each other which yields several benefits. First of all, there is no conflict of interest which means they can focus better on their clients. Second, the performance of each group is evaluated independently. We believe clients in each customer segment may have different characteristics, thus, customer service groups have been advised to emphasize quality over quantity. The feedback from our clients plays a major role in performance evaluation of these customer service groups which helps maintain a customer-oriented culture within the company. This approach also helps us price our services according to the contribution of each client to our bottom line and ensures that we pay particular attention to our most valuable clients.