Brochure Content Outline Example

Mission Statement: This section shall provide an introductory presentation on the whys and how[s] of the program. Including in this section is the distinctive presentation of the mission of the group as to why they are pursuing the campaign towards improving the manner by which the society recognizes their responsibility in improving their lifestyle through adapting environmentally friendly aspects of living.

It is also in this section that the discussion on what the group hopes to aim on the process by which the program is to be implemented in the society is to be presented. Through this discussion, it is hoped that the group would be able to set a path that the target individuals may be able to follow especially when they choose to apply the options of living suggested in the program in their own lives.

Conserve: This section of the brochure shall briefly yet informatively present how conservation could be handled in line with the current situations of living in the modern society. Considering modern ways of living and the different assumptions of commercialism that occurs in the world today, this section aims to provide practical suggestions that even young children could follow as they aim to conserve on the resources made available for them to consume in the market. Creating a more responsible way of thinking on the part of the youngsters, this section hopes to make a distinctive condition by which the culture of conservation is developed among young individuals in the community.

Rethink: This part of the brochure hopes to empower the readers to rethink their ways of living especially in relation to recycling, reusing and refurbishing materials for them to be able to make a specific approach in conserving natural resources not only for themselves but also for the generation that comes after them. Rethinking their ways could allow them to find other ways to save resources and make them realize the fact that they have responsibility of conserving raw materials for their generation and the civilizations to come after them.

Reuse: This section provides different guidelines that are able to provide suggestions on how individuals could actually reuse particular materials that could be found in their trash bins.

Recycle: In this part of the brochure, recycling is considered as a great source of inspiration by which the readers would be able to make specific adjustments into their regular lifestyles to accommodate practical recycling approaches that would be able to have a great impact on how they live every day.

Donate: Part of the campaign is to define a great distinction on how individuals could actually help in conserving natural resources through providing monetary support for government and non-government programs that pursue such mission.

Reduce: Reducing waste is specifically important especially when it comes to defining the manner by which the human population recognizes the role they have towards conserving natural resources especially for the generation of the future.

Gardening: Providing practical and workable suggestions on creating modern gardens especially for apartments and other common areas that are likely present in urbanized locations, this section is expected to have a great impact on the thinking of the target readers. These suggestions aim to instill inspiration on the readers as they desire to create better living areas and help in the conservation of the environment through properly defined gardening.

Composting: through making a specific composting section for this brochure, the program of the group specifically aims to influence even the locals to manage their resources and even their spaces to be able to manage their waste hence allowing a composting process to occur even within the backyards of modern living areas.

The promise they sign to take care of the Earth: Making the campaign more personal, this section of the brochure entails to create a connection between the readers and their desire to help in improving the environment. Relatively, this section tries to impart a sense of distinction on how a promise could actually make the situation more personal especially when it comes to defining the role that the readers have on the matter.

Parent Challenge: This section hopes to get the attention of the parents and provide them an inspiration to impose a sense of responsibility upon their children and make environmental living a family culture.

Crossword puzzle: this section provides the reader a chance to complete an integrating activity which will allow them to remember what they have learned from the brochure and likely give them a sense of realizing the need to apply what they have learned in real life.