Contract Agreement: Non-Linear Pro, Inc., Article Writing Example

This is to certify that Non-Linear Pro, Inc. agrees to lend its equipment to __________________________________on a trial basis for one month. During such period, the customer agrees to be responsible for costs associated with leasing equipment and shall be held liable for all damages incurred.


Non-Linear Pro also agrees to render its training services to employees who will be directly involved with daily operation of equipment. Training sessions will take place during the one month trial period and shall not exceed thirty days. Non-Linear Pro makes no guarantees on the success or failure of its training course, though many who take the session find success after two days of instruction.

Other Terms and Conditions

All equipment given during the trial period is the sole property of Non-Linear Pro and shall not be used for any other purpose outside of its intention. At the culmination of the trial basis all equipment will be returned to Non-Linear Pro in working order. Failure to return equipment in good condition will result in fines not exceeding the market value of devices.

Customer agrees to pay all leasing costs associated with borrowing equipment for thirty days and will not receive a discount if he/she decides to purchase devices. Non-Linear Pro is not responsible for company productivity and makes no claim of financial success should customer decide to purchase equipment. Non-Linear Pro releases itself from all liability in the instance of breakdown or malfunction after customer has purchased equipment.

Jack Brannan represents Non-Linear Pro, Inc. in establishing this agreement with ___________________________________ on Sunday, February 12, 2012.




Customer Signature




Representative Signature






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