Dementia Care: Goals and Challenges, Article Critique Example

The article “Dementia Care” elaborates the importance of caring for dementia patients and their members of family alike with a specific focus on the level of preparedness among professionals in social work to address the needs of these people. The role of professionals in social work coupled with the magnitude of supportive evidence in caring for dementia victims was identified to warrant more research. The author identified aging in populations as being associated with increase in dementia.

Although there are reasons to celebrate aging, the incidences of age related diseases; dementia included is a pathetic situation. The author cites Alzheimer as the most prevalent type of dementia whose severity increases with age. Estimated dementia victims globally were documented at 24.3 million victims plus 4.6 emerging cases. Asia was documented to lead by 46% in cases of dementia, followed by Europe at 30% and North America at 12%. The author projects a global increase of dementia cases to 81 million in 2040.

The author describes dementia as a clinical disorder associated with the loss of intellectual as well as psychiatric abilities culminating to disability as well as dysfunction. The author also indicates the relationship between quality of life of dementia patient and the care given by members of family and the society at large. Majority of caregivers were reported to experience some health problems, emotional stress, clinical depression and reduced expectations in their lives. Caring for the victims is also a costly undertaking. The contribution of competent social workers was acknowledged as supportive, therapeutic as well as educational in caring for elderly victims of dementia.

The author also suggested the need for interdisciplinary approach in caring for the dementia patients due to the challenges associated with this role. The participation of physical therapists, dieticians as well as occupational therapists was also suggested to complement the competency of social workers in providing enhanced care to the patients.