Dissappointment, Personal Statement Example

I decided to become a nurse because I always felt a sense of duty towards fellow members of the society and wanted to pursue a career which will not only be a source of income but will also enable me to make positive difference in others’ lives. My sense of duty is evident in my selfless service to the patients at the nursing house with whom I have enjoyed a great relationship for the past ten years. Like any dedicated employee, I also have natural desire to be appreciated for my efforts and hard work so that I feel a valued employee of the organization and am further motivated to strive for professional excellence. Healthcare organizations succeed when the employees are recognized for their efforts and this recognition further improves the overall quality of care given to the patients.

Everything had been going great and I would always look forward to coming to work because I had understanding superiors who would ensure I am given the right responsibilities and environment to do my job well. But this all changed when the nursing facility where I am employed got a new director of nursing. Unlike her predecessor, she employs autocratic leadership style which only creates distance between her and her subordinates, especially long-time employees like me.

The organization works best when employees are provided with the optimal work environment and their reasonable needs are accommodated. The reason I have performed so well over the last ten years is because I worked in an environment that allowed me to be my best and eliminated unnecessary stress and barriers. The new director of nursing moved me to another unit without consulting with me and I pleaded with her to reverse her decision but she refused. My request was not due to selfish reasons that I just didn’t want to move to another unit but influenced by genuine health and family reasons. I soon developed allergy in the new unit due to bad air which was probably the result of molding and other symptoms soon emerged such as runny nose, swollen throat, and mucus. These health issues not only prevented me from providing the best-possible care to my patients and but also increased the health risks for my patients. The director of nursing also changed my work schedule which forced me to stop my wife from working because we could not manage both of us working with my new schedule. In addition, the director has also created a hostile work environment for me. Once she called me in the office to sign a letter and made it clear I didn’t have a choice. I believe communication is the best avenue to solve any misunderstandings and build positive working relationship but all of my efforts to reach her have been in vain. Whenever I try to communicate with her, she avoids me. This is why I am writing to you to kindly look into this issue so that it can be dealt on a priority basis. I am concerned it has been negatively affecting the wellbeing of patients under my care.

I still hold utmost loyalty to the organization and fondly look back at my experiences. It is my greatest desire to continue to work for this organization because I have learnt a lot here and have met many wonderful and brave people who trusted me to take good care of them. I believe open communication and greater willingness to understand each other’s unique circumstances will benefit the organization in the long run. I have always been committed to highest professional standards and I hope you will successfully resolve this situation so that I can once again provide the care to my patients that they deserve and have come to expect from me. My case will also help inspire my colleagues to work even harder because it will send the message that the organization really cares about its employees and takes every measure to successfully resolve their issues and problems. Please do not hesitate to let me know should you have any questions. I look forward to many more years and wonderful memories at the organization.