Elderly Healthcare Issues and Observations, Reaction Paper Example

Challenges Facing an Elder Person in Signing the Durable Power of Attorney Form

The durable power of attorney is an important document that must be given particular attention to. It has great authority over the life of those who are undergoing a process of completing such documents. Elderly individuals usually have a hard time understanding every single detail in the document especially when it comes to the clauses that apply to their whereabouts and the actions that they are supposed to do on their own, which at some point, they have to hand over to their trustees already. Notably, it could be analyzed that this hardship makes particular issues such as security a particularly hard matter to deal with.

Mr. Carlton, a 58 year old individual is planning to sign his document on durable power of attorney before he would need to undergo the symptoms and effects of Alzheimer’s diseases which he was diagnosed with at least a month ago. In line with the preparations he hoped to deal with, he knew he needed to sign a document which will entitle his trusted friend who seemed to be his only family to protect him and attend to his properties and his needs especially when it comes to making his life a little bit easier. According to him, the hardest part of his responsibility was when it came to reading through the different clauses of the document especially when it comes to the part of understanding what needs to be given attention to regarding his security. He understood that at this point, he needed to make sure that the clauses are clear hence assuring that he would not make a wrong decision especially when it comes to trusting his friend with everything else.

Reflection Paper: Understanding How an Aged Individual Faces the Declining Years in America

A person, when he or she begins to age, specifically requires special attention and care especially when it comes to health and security issues. It could be noted that the support that the government provides the old-aged individuals specifically affects the integrity of their life’s current status. Upon observing Mrs. Samson’s situation as an old widow, the involvement of the government in her needs specifically allowed her to feel more secure about her life and her everyday activities. However, the declining morals of the society make her life quire harder to deal with. It could be understood that the health and financial support that the government provides her does not completely satisfy her complete needs especially when it comes to her desire to live in a secured society.

Living in her own old apartment in the middle of a quite disturbing society with all the existing crimes incurred by youth gangs in her area specifically makes her unsatisfied with her life. It could be understood that a possibly free hospice care to be provided to individuals like her could best help her out in her everyday needs. Improving the programs that are already existent in the American community is expected to provide a better source of confidence to individuals like that of Mrs. Samson.  Introducing a more refined system that would protect the life and security of individuals like that of Mrs. Samson could best improve the situation of those who are in the middle of their need to suffice their personal needs even on the middle of the many challenges that they have to face.