Helping Others at Walden University, Application Essay Example

Walden University provides many individuals the opportunity to pursue a higher education and make a positive impact on the world.  Whether their goals involve obtaining their bachelor’s or doctoral degree, students have the ability to accomplish their dreams and use their education to help others.  Because Walden University’s ultimate goal is to create a positive social impact, I am excited to be a part of their student body.  By attaining my Master’s in Human Resource Management, I will be able to help many individuals improve the quality of their lives while working within the corporate culture.

The field of human resources is a necessity in helping employees improve their experience working in a corporate culture.  Human resource departments assist workers with important services such as healthcare, training, retirement plans, and unemployment issues.  This area of a corporation also provides employees with benefits such as gyms and exercise facilities, nutritious meals, and office parties and other social events.  I feel fortunate to know that my education at Walden University will allow me to improve the quality of individuals’ work experience.  Every worker at a company should be made to feel important; from the top CEO’s to the filing clerks.

Corporate culture can be stressful for many people, but the education provided by Walden University will allow me to help alleviate that stress.  Management in human resources can have a positive impact on companies and corporations, but more importantly, it can have a positive impact on everyday people.  Even though I recognize that in helping corporations better serve their employees, productivity is increased and there is a positive impact on the economy, I am most excited in knowing that I will be able to use my degree to help the average worker find greater fulfillment in their lives.


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