Hollywood Culture, Case Study Example

A1. Hollywood movies introduce American cultural values to the world and since people are attracted by American style, thus, adopt some of the American popular culture in their native countries. In addition, other cultures are also introduced to stereotypes common in America and may come to believe in those stereotypes as well.

A2. Hollywood movies promote American interpretation of historical events. In addition, they may also promote religious views dominant in America. Similarly, Hollywood movies may also promote social views that are gaining acceptance in America but still rejected worldwide such as equal rights for homosexuals.

A3. Some of the positive effects of Hollywood movies on world cultures are that Hollywood movies have drawn attention to social issues such as violation of human rights or dictator regimes through movies like Blood Diamonds. Hollywood also drew world’s attention towards important global issues such as global warming (An Inconvenient Truth) and has also helped promote freedom of speech and democratic values.

A4. American companies are known around the world for their innovation and focus on employees. American movies have introduced the world to American way of doing business which includes incentives for hard work, viewing failure as an opportunity to learn, giving employees room to be creative, and treating employees as important assets rather than just tools of production.

A5. Yes, watching foreign movies can be effective way of learning how to do business abroad because they often show workplace settings, employees’ behavior at work and during meetings, dominant organizational cultures, assumptions that guide employees’ personal and professional lives, and the social values observed by the businesses. This can give the viewers a good idea of the work life and professional behavior in a foreign country.