Jurisdiction in Real Life, Article Review Example

The term jurisdiction designates the authority that is conferred to a legal entity or a political setting to handle matters of justice within a given territory of legality. Jurisdiction is deduced from the  element of laws that across international boundaries of nations,  the disputes between laws, supremacy of various arms of the governments as the legislature and the executive, the constitution of the land. Jurisdiction has the influence on how the resources within a state are allocated to ensure equitable development of the nation. It gives a legal approach in handling disputes to promote peaceful co existence among the various citizens in the nation.

The main goal of jurisdiction is to ensure the laws that govern relationship between nations and individuals are respected and maintained it thus fosters the element of unity between different nations and different individuals in the nation. Jurisdiction in any political entity such as state ensures that the rights of people are not infringed by any institution or individual. It protects the rights of families, groups and institutions within a region. The common instance in the society where jurisdiction has cognizance impacts on individuals lives are issues that pertain to family matters that are solved in family courts which are branches of the judiciary to solve disputes between families.

This excerpt gives a case scenario of how jurisdiction can affect the life of an individual or a group of people in the society.

Legal Battle over Limits on Sugary Drinks May Outlast Mayor’s Tenure

In the above case, the mayor of Columbia Mr. Bloomberg has found himself in a legal case as he tried to campaign for the reduction of sugary contents of soft drinks as soda. The mayor was of the take that high sugary content in such drinks had the share of blames for increasing obesity among the people in Columbia.  Despite the fact that the initiative taken by the mayor is a fundamental action to protect human health, the legal fraternity has the opinion that he has no authority to take such actions without the indulgence of the city council since, the approval of the city council was lacking in the issue. The soft drinks companies are also accusing the mayor for interference with their business and therefore have a filed a legal case against him. The mayor is therefore at the brink of losing his job as sources say that should the ruling favor the soft drinks company, then his tenure in office may end prematurely.

The case scenarios presented in this except affects the life of the mayor, the city council of Columbia, the soft drink companies and ultimately the residents of Columbia. The mayor is accused by the city council for not respecting the authority that has been bestowed to it by the law of the city and he is also accused by the companies. The judicial ruling in this case impacts the lives of the citizens in Columbia in both negative and positive ways, for instance if the ruling favors the mayor the citizens will enjoy sugar free drinks and hence protection from obesity. On the other hand if the companies and city council have their way in the ruling, then the residents of the of Columbia will continue using high sugar content soft drinks which are harmful to their heath. The case therefore is a good example of how jurisdiction affects the lives of people in the society.


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