Management Information Systems, Application Essay Example

Describe the use of personalization and customization in e-commerce. What business value do these techniques have?

The websites in the internet are specifically designed to get the attention of the ‘passer-by’ or the ones who browse the web. Relatively, such activity is noted in ecommerce as one of the most efficient way of reaching out to the right people at the right time. Accidental as some visits are, every individual who tend to check what a particular website offers is as important as properly directed visitors in the site. The reason for this is that every individual who visits the website is considered a prospective client who could appreciate both the products and services that the organization offers. However, getting the attention of visitors does not mean that the business is actually going to be able to make sales. Only through retaining the attention of the visitor and convincing them that what the organization offers is what they need, would the visit actually become a valid point of sales. This is an important aspect of business operation in relation to the principles of developing e-commerce directed businesses.

This is the reason why the aspect of personalization and customization is considered to be an effective matter to note especially in relation to strengthening the competitive stance of the business in the field of internet-defined operations. Personalization and customization naturally involves the process of pointing out who the clients are, what they want and how such wants could be given attention to so as to make sure that the right clients would be given the chance to try what the business provides the market with. For instance, if the business is dedicated to serving both genders in the market, but with separately different products, the website that they post in the internet should be sectioned. The products that are offered to women ought to be presented in pages that reflect more feminine colors and feminine figures such as flowers or other elements that relate to women. On the other hand, those products that showcase the ones for men ought to be shown under images and colors that appeal to men as well. These approaches of personalization could be gained through customizing the web-programming language used to create the overall presentation of the website. This means that it is important for the business operators to make sure that their websites are properly hosted, customized as needed which involves direct distinction on how the website appears apart from others. This is the way e-commerce thrives in the industry of international business direction especially in connection with the desire of targeting the right sectors of the market.

These approaches to handling e-commerce operations specifically increase the ways by which the organizations give attention to the needs and desires of their clients. Pinpointing the specific attitude and behavior of their target market, the business operators are able to find several ways to affect the way they create an appeal to the thinking of their prospective buyers. Designing the website that could actually showcase the products while also making a responsive appeal on the visitors of the site would better define the foundation of the business thus strengthening their stance in the face of competition.

In a world of different opportunities especially involving the internet, business operators are faced with the challenge of making the best of what the web offers. Since these organizations are operating online, whereas most of them do not have physical shops offline, they have to do all that they can to make sure that they are able to attract the attention of the correct individuals to assure that every visit in the site could actually be turned into successful sales, thus generating profit for the organization. Having this matter in mind, personalization and customization does impose a lot in increasing the competitive points of organizations even when they are operating solely online through the options of e-commerce.