Medicine as My Career Path, Personal Statement Example

My aspirations and focus are diversities, challenge and biology, which began before even I thought of coming into medicine. My upbringing in India was unique and diverse and I had the curiosity to explore and to be around people from other cultures to enhance my personal growth. I learned several languages early on and have been delighted in socializing with friends, family, and colleagues to expand my knowledge and experience.

I have chosen medicine as my career path because of my aspirations and experience with my father being ill when I was younger. His struggle with diabetes and poor wound healing, along with chronic pain, were difficult for my father to endure. These conditions forever altered his appearance and his spirit, as he was physically and emotionally weakened in many ways. Witnessing these changes in my father has been important because they drive my ambitions and aspirations to achieve success in the medical field not only in promoting physical healing, but also greater motivation and spiritual guidance in this manner. Furthermore, I have developed the confidence and strength that is necessary to overcome adversity, as I was required to achieve after I experienced the loss of my father and my primary source of financial and moral support.

My core strengths include my diverse set of experiences, my interpersonal skills, my interest in evidence-based medicine, my passion towards my patients, and the promotion of healing. My formal medical education began at the Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences in India, where I graduated from the program in 2010. In addition, I served in a number of clinical positions, including an internship at the same location and an externship at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Centre in Brooklyn.

In recent years, I have acquired considerable knowledge and experience as a research fellow in the division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the renowned Mayo Clinic. With these experiences, I have reiterated my strong desire to pursue my goal of becoming a knowledgeable and capable physician. Working with patients and in research-based settings, have been very rewarding experiences. I strive to make a valuable and effective contribution to medicine by learning from experts in the field and adopting the skills necessary for excellent patient care and research.

At this stage of my career path, I am prepared to dedicate my time and effort to learn from experts and to adapt to new forms of knowledge through individual and team-based experiences. I believe that patients deserve proper attention and support at all times and must be represented in a manner that is consistent with the core values and ethical beliefs of the medical profession. I strive to adhere to these values and beliefs at all times in all areas of practice, as they serve as key drivers for success and continued professional growth. I am seeking a program with a rich combination of hands-on clinical experience and strong didactics, which strengthen my academic knowledge and my ability to explore research-based endeavours on a regular basis.

I have made it my life commitment to provide the best quality of care, counsel others and support their spirit/ motivation for all of my patients. I am also committed to give back to the community by serving underserved areas and I am committed to bring advance in medicine to establish a better care for the patients. This is why I feel that completing my medical training in your residency program will give me the tools to fulfill my commitments and bring my life the meaning, I am looking so far. I have been working hard to be considered a valuable asset to your program, and I intend to keep working even harder as a member of your team. I believe I am a good candidate for your program; I am a great listener, enthusiastic, dedicated and a determined and focused individual. Thank you for your consideration, with great enthusiasm I look forward to start the next chapter of my life with you.