Military Downsizing: Process, Problems, Possibilities, Article Review Example

The research conducted by Peter Lock (1998) analyzed the demographic characteristics and variables associated with the correlation between military downsizing in Sub-Saharan African to the increase in security personnel in the workforce.  This research used mixed methods approach by finding quantitative statistics about the age, education level, and military service in total years as compared.  The sample used in this study was a total number of ex-military professionals that obtained an occupation in the security industry after leaving the military between the years 1946-1970.  Each individual was required to complete a survey questionnaire and then the researchers requested to complete interviews with managers and hiring professionals at the ex-soldiers’ place of work.  The purpose for the survey was to compile quantitative results on the demographic information that could have led to hiring ex-military personnel into security jobs.  The purpose for the interviews was to ascertain qualitative statistics and insight into the thought process behind why ex-military personnel were hired to these positions as opposed to non-ex-military personnel.

This research was aimed at answering two unique questions.  The first question was whether or not there is a statistics trend in hiring ex-military professionals in the security industry.  The second question was to analyze what variables or characteristics made these individuals attractive to companies.  This mixed methods approach analyzed results using cumulative statistics and trends for military service record, positions held within the military and military training received as it translated to a higher potential for being hired by security managers and companies.  The final results showcased a variable analysis where results showed an overall variance correlation between higher military ranking and distinguished service record to an increase in security occupation obtained after military service had ended.


Lock, P. (1998). Military downsizing and growth in the security industry in sub‐saharan africa. Strategic Analysis, 22(9), 1393-1426.