Native American Tribes, Research Proposal Example

This research embraces a study into the Native American Tribal culture and its influence on interpretations of America health care. These tribes are natives of North, South and Central America formerly known as the Americas. They were the people Christopher Columbus found in the new world when he made his startling discoveries. Often they are referred to historically as the indigenous peoples (Zinn, 2003). From a cultural pluralism perspective Native American Tribes have become a smaller group within a larger society in that their culture is now submerged into an ocean of diverse multi-ethnic dispensations. As such, when evaluated from contemporary sources as it relates to their understanding of American health care system and how their specific health care needs are addressed immense obscurity exists (Native American Health Care, 2004).

Consequently the thesis guiding this research is Native Americans’ understanding of the present health care interventions is obscure due to strong influences of cultural pluralism within United Sates of America. This researcher will obtain data through literature review searching data bases such as Google and obtaining journal articles from the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association on line data base for secondary supportive data to test the hypothesis for this study.

Key words that will be used to search for sources are Native Americans; Native America Tribes; Health Care Reform, Native Americans and health care; cultural pluralism; present healthcare intervention; Native Americans understanding of healthcare. To collect primary data permission will be obtained to visit locations where native American tribes are located. A small sample of the population will be interviewed regarding their perceptions of present healthcare system and how it affects their accessibility to quality health care.


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