NATO, the EU, and the Cold War, Outline Example

I. Introduction


B. The European Union

C. The Cold War and the Implications for Europe

II. Background and Overview

A. World War II

B. The Post-war Era

C. The Rise of the Superpowers

III. The Antecedents of Contemporary Political and Military Structure in Cold-War Europe

A. The North Atlantic Treaty

B. The European Coal and Steel Community

C. The Korean War

IV. The Beginning of the Cold War

A. The United States

B. The Soviet Union

C. Europe

V. The Cold War 1947-1991

A. Arms Race

B. Economic Competition

C. Ideological Battles

VI. NATO in the Aftermath of the Cold War

A. German Reunification

B. Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe

C. No NATO Weapons or Troops in Post-Reunification East Germany

VII. The Birth of the European Union

A. Shifting Borders; Shifting Allegiances

B. The Maastricht Treaty

C. European Union as Political and Economic Partnership

VIII. The Cooperation and Clashes of the EU and NATO

A. The Eurozone and the European Economy

B. Military Clashes in Eastern Europe

C. Bosnia and Herzegovina

IX. NATO as De Facto European Military Force in the 20th and 21st Centuries

A. Kosovo

B. Afghanistan

C. Iraq

X. Conclusion

A. Assessing the Contemporary EU

B. Assessing the Contemporary NATO

C. The Confluence of NATO and the EU in the Age of Globalization


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