Nursing Course Application Essay: Winneba University, Application Essay Example

Helping others for me is more than just a career it is a passion. Being able to share with others what I know and assist them in gaining better health is one specific gift that I think would allow me extend the possibilities I may have in better helping others in a large way. In this case, I do believe that nursing provides me the right opportunity that I need to be able to live my passion and share whatever I can do for others. Nevertheless, I do believe that I still have so much to improve in relation to this passion. As a decision based from this desire, I have picked the Winneba University to perfect the manner by which I serve others through nursing.

My choice was first based on the open scheduling of the school. Having the need to complete other tasks in a day, the open schedule that the university offers fits my daily activities properly. Relatively, this aspect allows me to become more involved in the process of learning even when I have other things I have to consider. Another reason for my choice of learning institution is the reputation of the university in relation to producing good nurses and other professionals in their own field. I know that the university can help me become the kind of nurse I hope to be and the kind of individual I aim to be. In the future, I know that the guidelines I would get from the university and its instructors along with the experiences I shall gain would provide me with the proper source of strength, confidence and intellect to serve the people I ought to help in the society as a nurse.  Whatever learning I would be able to gain from the university, its curriculum and its instructors shall be put to proper and good use. I know that my determination to be a good nurse would not only allow me to get moving forward to becoming a reliable healthcare practitioner but also a fine individual who would be able to open possibilities and opportunities to even further improve nursing procedures in the future. My dreams are big, at times even ambitious, but I know they could become possible when I enroll in the learning program offered at Winneba University.