Opinions About Research, Application Essay Example

When I think about research, it feels like a difficult task but I believe it is very important skill to learn. We do not always have all the answers which is why we need research and just knowing what information is needed is not enough. We should also know where and how we can find the information. I understand this is going to be a long complex process and one of my major concerns is language because English is not my first language and choosing right words is very important in research.

One of the parts I am really looking forward to is to become good at using digital library databases. I have tried using databases but they really confuse me. There are many steps involved, thus, it will take some time for me to become good at using library databases. I expect this course to teach me skills that make one a skilled user of library databases. The part I am most nervous about is deciding which results are relevant and which are not. Research often gives us hundreds of results if not thousands and many sources are quite long. We do not always have time to go through all the sources so I am not sure how one decides which sources are good and which are not. Thus, deciding which sources are relevant will be a challenging task at first but I believe I will become better at identifying good sources over time.

I know research process takes lot of time and it requires skills to become a good researcher but I am excited about taking this course. I believe the research skills learnt in this course will also benefit me in other courses as well as during my professional career.