Peer Instructional Coach Position, Application Essay Example

Following your advertisement for a Peer Instructional coach, I wish to express my interest for the same. I am qualified to take up the mention position and certain of delivering the very best upon my appointment. I am a professional mathematics teacher who has been in practice for over 10 years. Throughout my profession, I have learnt various ways of interacting with students of all natures and types. As a class teacher, I have developed robust communication skills that foster the manner in which I relate to students socially and easily knowing their needs. During my induction in teaching, I underwent a thorough coaching experience at my school, which greatly improved my teaching practice and general performance at work place (Gottesman, 2008, p.200).

Some of the greatest achievements that I made this year were preparation of the 8th grade students for their exams. The preparations involved creation of conducive environment for learning; thorough revision and constant study that made my students pass 100%. Similarly, I have been occasionally engaged in planning and facilitating various school assignments, which were successfully executed. To achieve the above record, we occasionally engaged the students in lessons that involved critical thinking and extensive problem solving skills. At the same time, I regularly assessed the progress of my students to know their levels of capabilities and weaknesses.

The above-mentioned growth in student performance has been reflected in our recent achievements. There is a constant improvement in the student performance both in internal and final year state examinations. This consistency in performance is attributed to the hard work and competency in teaching and providing instructions to students (Danielson, 2002, p.130). The students also developed critical thinking in all the subjects hence making them capable of solving even the most complex problems. Such analytical skills have led to their excellence in academics; both socially and academically.

During my teaching career, I have actively participated in implementation of various common core standards in the school.  For instance, I offered my assistance to the school director when selecting after school program teachers. Consequently, I have worked closely with the teachers to provide students with the most conducive learning environment. Occasionally, I have held meetings with the schoolteachers to chart a course on the necessary changes that warrants implementation. Above all, I have engaged parents in active communication regarding the welfare and performance of their children at school. All these have greatly developed my skills and knowledge in handling students with various academic needs.

Being a lead teacher has highly have build my capacity in various perspectives that has transformed my professional life (Neubert & Stover, 2010, p.120). For instance, I have learnt the various ways of developing constructive teacher – student relationship. This has made me mingle easily with all the students at all levels to understand their various needs. I have also participated in programs that involved selection of new teachers. Working hand in hand with the director has also enabled me to know the various management skills necessary for a person in coaching position (Robbins, 2009, p.100). With all the above, I have all that it takes to be a peer instructional coach. The many years of experience has greatly exposed me to a wide field of knowledge on public relation issues as well as the social matters that greatly affect students’ performance.


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