Post Paturm Care, Case Study Example

Given the case that the patient has given birth to an infant during the past two weeks, it is essential to relate the current medical situation to such occurrence. Relatively, given that she just gave birth, it is a common knowledge that breast lumps might exist especially when it comes to the breast’s production of milk. Nevertheless, it is still essential to point out other particular possibilities that might be the cause of such medical incident. Other specific matters could include the following:

  • LMP (Last Menstrual Period): it is expected that somehow, a woman who has just given birth would not immediately have her regular periods. However, there are those who are able to specifically return to the regular blood flow especially when it comes to the returning schedule of regular menstruation (Johnson, 2010). In this case, such occurrence might actually cause particular lumps in the breast.
  • If the LMP test and diagnoses does not specifically give the needed answer to the situation, it is important to check for other possible signs of cancer causing cells in the area. A biopsy could be considered. The occurrence of a lump in the breast due to cancer-causing instances does not change through time unlike the menstruation-caused lumps (Marsh, 2012). Cancer determining lumps remain in the area and stays stagnant for a long time. This then shall call for a lengthened observation and repetitive tests to be incurred to make sure of the said course of cancer development in the patient.

Based from the assumptive diagnoses presented herein, it could be realized that the breast lumps could be cancerous or not based on the position and the feel of the lump (Simkin, 2010). Notably, it could also be realized that in line with the idealisms of diagnosing particular ailments, it is important to put into account the fact that the patient recently gave birth and that she might have been having her regular menstrual period since the said medical occurrence which has a great impact on her current health.


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