Practicum Journal Presentation, Essay Example

Position: Information Desk Clerk at Pro-Haul Moving Company

Being a clerk in the information desk at Pro-Haul Moving Company provided me with a chance to develop my interpersonal and my communication skills. Not only was I given the provision to extend how I understand my colleagues, but I was rather expected more to address the needs of the clients who ask for information in my desk. One of the most challenging tasks I had to handle was to make sure that the direction and assistance I give to the clients is at par with what the organization expects me to do. Notably, this means that I had the specific need to become more aware of how I handle my language as well as my actuations in front of the clients even in the middle of pressure and misunderstanding. How I was able to handle myself defined how I am able to contribute to the success of the organization as a whole. Hence, as a result, I had to make sure that my behavior does not hurt the organization’s reputation at any point.

How I deal with my colleagues and superiors on the other end defined my personal characteristic as a professional. Being able to consider myself in need of respecting their positions and their authority over my head and my responsibilities gave me the chance to be a better leader to all other subordinates who followed my example. During this practicum, I learned how to keep pace with the requirements of the organization while also keeping myself calm in the face of pressure and tumultuous reactions from the clients who have been disgruntled by the service that they may have received from some of our crews and other employees. Learning so much from the leadership program offered to students like me in enrolled in the course taught me how to control myself and how to assert myself in times of disagreements and misunderstandings at work. Weighing my words and actuations specifically helped in making it easier for others to understand me and accept what I am saying even though some of my suggestions are off their own considerable opinions.


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