Project Management: Initiating a Project, Application Essay Example

The project management project chosen, is External Technical Readiness Training. The main project deliverables are:

  • Product Review
  • Software Training Content Review
  • The Existing Software Training Delivery Program Review
  • The Market Analysis
  • Software Training Delivery Recommendations
  • Curriculum Development Planning (Software Training Curriculum)
  • Software training delivery Schedule and Budget
  • Trainer needs assessment
  • Software training plan
  • Content development schedule
  • Communication Plan
  • Outline of software training courses
  • Software training delivery engine development
  • Software training readiness development
  • External readiness program creation.

The following objectives of this project are to develop software training for students and customers. The success of each criteria is measured by each objective being completed by the timeline, and in the budget outlined. Once the project gets to the last stage, the project should fall in line with the schedule and be ready to launch. The success of the project is determined by the students, stakeholders, and other customers’ satisfaction.

Based on the project file, there are three identifiable stakeholders categories which serve based on the project file 13 types of stakeholders. These are broken down as such.

Project stakeholders: that have invested interest in the success of the project, work directly on the project, and oversee project operations are the: Training lead, Project Manager, Instructional Designer, Trainers, SME, Logistics Vendors, Project team members, Sponsors, Investors, Executive board, and Content Developer.

External stakeholders: they work as the measurement of success of the project; this is who the finished product is aimed at; Customers and students. More importantly it can also impact the surrounding community and businesses.

Negative stakeholders: these can be considered competitors, influences such as special interest groups, or other individuals that would see negative outcomes from the success of the project. The government agencies, media outlets, citizens, and families, could all potentially negatively affect the success or completion of the project.