Rhetorical Questions, Questionnaire Example

Would you like to live the life of the rich man with the goods and provision inherited by title?

Is it not better to have friends that care more for who you are than what it is that you can do?

Should the lion prove to be the ruler of the jungle or better assumed to hold such a position?

In which place should the flower bloom?  The house?  The forest?  The funeral home?

If you were a plane, would you rather taxi or fly soaring high above the clouds?

Are bullets easy to come by?  Is a gun?  Would you choose to pull the trigger?

How does the wild boar move?  Are you able to tell the difference?

When shall justice creep its presence in the room?  Does justice have a face? A voice? A shadow?

Are you pleased? Is the sun in the sky? Where do the clouds move?

Do you know the bee?  Have you see the gaze of the grasshopper?

Does the boat rock? Does the earth shake? Do you know where your finger sways?

Do you give consideration to moonlight?

How does the page turn?  Do you see the value?  Where will the clock turn?

Do you notice the strength of the gargoyle? Do you tremble the sound of the harp?

Does the library know its master? Does the dog know its servant?

Does electricity show favor?  Does it shun the light?  Where does darkness hide?

Are you friend to the map?  Does the candle provide guidance?