Security Product Websites, Research Paper Example

There are several security product websites in the webisphere that offer products for individuals or companies for the purpose of internet security. As a Wireless Security Professional, (WS) the responsibility is to wade through all the websites and find the right products that fit the company. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the websites of Interlogix and Websense Security Products, comparing their strengths and weaknesses, their products, and areas where they need improvement.

Interlogix offers intrusion Solutions in the forms of accessories, communications such as cellular and wireless modules, and control panels. They offer devices such as sirens, speakers, and wireless receiver. Expansion modules for extra-large doors and elevators, keyfobs, keypads and readers for homes and businesses. Security kits, lifestyle devices such as thermostat and lightening devices, software, wired, and wireless sensing for commercial and personal properties. They carry several security and product brands that offer customers a wide range in the variety of features available. When going to their solutions pages they also offer several more products not listed on their front pages, which specializes in fire, access, and ip solutions. Overall their products are sensible and useful companies that need protection from external and internal problems. Their strengths include offering and showing all the products within different categories in order to make the selection and explanation of each easier for the novice and the specialist. Their interface is clean and not cluttered with flash products, and images. They have a residential and company solution pages, with a case study from a notable celebrity and other information that is available. However, their weaknesses lie in the importance of each products for the purchasing of security needs. Although they list the products, they do not give enough detail on the products usage. Areas where they need improvement is to provide more information on the need for these security products in their everyday use, how they can be used, and other useful information that will help guide buyers to make knowledgeable decisions.

Websense Security Products is another security product that offers a variety of products that include Triton Security that specializes in web, email, and data security, other web security products that protect users in the Cloud and gateways, and mobile security. They offer security solutions for, schools, social media, enterprises, small and medium businesses, federal, financial and banking buildings, and healthcare facilities. Unlike Interlogix their specialty is in web security and also helping businesses grow and be successful by running efficiency systems. This is an added strength in their website where different organizations can look to their solution pages in order to find out how the different products can help their business. They also offer products on a trial basis before buying. Websense Products websites provides, webinars, demo, downloadable trials, brochures, analysts’ reports, case studies, and other helpful information. Not only do they provide information on their products, but helpful up-to-date articles on web security, and product reviews from other industry sources. They offer security labs and customer support. Their weaknesses are few as they rely on one company that provides security sources for their company instead of different brands customizable for companies. Areas for improvement include broaden security products to include intrusion detection for the physical locations of companies, otherwise the website proves to be informational and resourceful website.


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