The Next Door, Personal Statement Example

It may seem impossible to truly know we are ready to take on a new experience and pass through another door.  When that door opens up the world of college, the issue becomes intense.  So much awaits us; how can anyone really be prepared? I think, however, it is more than possible to be ready.  The readiness is in place when you have already been involved in the pursuits that add meaning to your life, because that is what the college education is all about.

For myself, I am prepared to move on because I have been “moving” in this direction for some time.  While I have devoted myself to my academic studies, I have also consistently worked at the activities that spark my interest and efforts.  The field of child development is important to me, which translates to volunteer time at the local children’s hospital I have given, and will be engaged in next summer. My three years of volunteering with the government-run Youth Advisory Council made a positive impact on the community, as is true of my City Clean-Up work and volunteering at homeless shelters, juvenile centers, and the Petsmart’s pet adoption program, Then, my marketing work with a virtual company in Business Academy helped win our team several top awards.  To my mind, all these efforts combine to create the foundation I require to succeed in college, because they give me momentum as they bring meaning to my life.