Why Enrolling in the Army, Personal Statement Example

I grew up in a single parent household yet I could not have asked for a better family. It may be due to the fact that my mom faced every hurdle in life with a brave face and also instilled the values in us she learnt as a soldier in the military. But my mom is not the only reason I have developed interest in the military. Even though I was quite young, I still remember the days when 9/11 happened. In the following years, I realized we often take some of the most precious things as granted including liberty. While it is amazing how patriot citizens signed up for the military in the wake of 9/11, service to the nation should not be limited to times of crisis, too. It is due to this conviction that I have decided to pursue a military career so that I could use my unique linguistic talent to serve the nation’s interests around the world.

My mom has done an amazing job of raising me and my two brothers. She would often put me in charge of house chores and looking after my brothers which taught me the importance of discipline and self-reliance early in life. My mother often faced difficult times in raising us but I never heard her complaining about anything. She demonstrated the same courage in her private life that she displayed as a military professional. It was apparent to me that military values and credo have helped her develop a strong mind and strong sense of responsibility. I always observed her either thinking about the country or her family. Her selfless attitude towards life has also inspired me to pursue a career which would help me make difference in the world and military seems an obvious choice.

I developed strong interest in languages at high school after I took French and German. I don’t have a definite target of how many languages I have to learn but instead my goal is to learn as many as possible. Learning French and German and interacting with native French and German speakers helped me realize that language is one of the most effective tools to learn about other cultures as well as bridge cultural gaps. It helps you understand local perspectives that non-language speakers may miss. I hope to use my linguistic skills as a military professional to protect nation’s interests around the world and bridge cultural gaps between the U.S. and other countries.

As a high school student, I became involved with co-curricular and volunteer activities at early stage. I actively played soccer as a member of Virginia Soccer Association and helped arrange fundraisers for numerous causes including one for a cancer patient as a high school student. These experiences have taught me leadership, teamwork, and communication skills and have also allowed me to experience the joy that comes from selfless service to others. These values are also part of military values and will help me settle quickly into life as a military soldier.

At school, I made active efforts to interact with students from as diverse cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds as possible. This helped me expand my thinking horizon and get rid of bias and stereotypes which influenced my perceptions. As a result, I have become much more open-minded and this will serve me well in overseas operations in dealing with foreign nationals.

I come from a family whose head was shaped by the military and as a result, I have personally witnessed the values and personality traits a military career helps you develop. My mother is the strongest individual I have ever known and her selfless dedication to her country and people she knows will be perfect examples for me to follow. I hope I will continue the military tradition in my family by inspiring future generations to join military and serve the nation in whatever capacities they want to.