Healthcare MBA, Admission Essay Example


Sometimes we discover our true interests in the most ironical way. I pursued my associate degree in nursing and also held a job as a customer service representative at the same time. These academic and work experiences have helped me discover two things I would not have learnt about otherwise. First of all, I realized I enjoyed business more than nursing. Similarly, I realized it was not nursing but the healthcare sector I had always been drawn to because your work enables you to make a positive difference in the lives of countless people. Thus, I could not have been more excited when I learnt about Healthcare MBA because now I can pursue a career which doesn’t only suit my interests but also career philosophy.

I am not oblivious to the fact that these are exciting times for a career in healthcare because more and more healthcare organizations have been borrowing work practices from the corporate sector. The demand for healthcare services often exceeds the limited resources of the healthcare organizations and this only increases the importance of efficient human and financial resources management. Moreover, universal healthcare is gradually becoming a reality in the U.S. and will significantly change the competitive landscape in the healthcare sector. This is why I want to pursue an MBA in Healthcare so that I can acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in the intensely competitive healthcare industry.

I am also interested in the program because it has a history of producing distinguished healthcare professionals. The program will not only enable me to interact with smart and experienced fellow students from diverse professional backgrounds but will also provide me with an access to the university’s strong professional network. I have no doubt I will be an exemplary ambassador of the university in the real world because this program suits both my strengths and interests.