I Am by Tom Shadyac, Movie Review Example


The discussion that follows aims to define the psychological value behind the presentation of the message in the film I am by Tom Shadyac. This presentation aims to put an analytical value on how the movie in itself creates a correlative connection between the ideals of satisfaction, contentment and happiness in relation to human living and individual achievements.

The movie-documentary “I am Tom Shadyac” by the famous director himself, talks more about happiness and the contrasting idea it has with the thought of being contented. Satisfaction is an element that makes human life worth living. Tom Shadyac is represented in the film as a director known for his excellence in the field that he has chosen to perfect. Having been able to work with great actors and create reflective and specifically high grossing films in the industry, he was also able to incur several material possessions that are at some point beyond the imagination of some individuals in the field living within the same age as his. In a way, he is assumed to have the best satisfying life anyone his age could actually experience.

However, within the context of the film, Shadyac unveils the truth that nothing, not even happiness, is provided by the material things he has incurred through the years of developing his career as a director of movies in Hollywood. He points out that somehow, the achievements and the possessions he has incurred did not give him the happiness that he actually expected to realize. In the end, he specifically notes that happiness cannot be incurred without one’s contentment, and contentment, being a state of mind, could only be decided be upon by the individual aiming to be ‘happy’.

Through seeing beyond the message of this particular autobiographic documentary of Tom Shadyac, one specific matter about human psychology is given attention to. The state of mind and how it directs one’s happiness is a specific condition by which human individuals could actually try to create a path that they would be able to take to make sure that they become satisfied and contented with the life they live even without the existence of material possessions. Simplifying life is then considered in this documentary as a matter of simplifying one’s state of thinking hence losing all the unnecessary complications thus allowing one to simply enjoy life as it is.