Journal for Diane Lasren-Freeman’s Book, Article Review Example

Diane Lasren-Freeman’s book ‘Teaching Language’ discusses the challenging conceptions of grammar and the three dimensions applied to language in communication. Chapter 2 focuses on the way teachers comprehend the concept of language. In the chapter, Lasren-Freeman challenges the practical conventions of grammar. First she describes grammar as an area of knowledge, rather than a set of rigid rules. Then she goes on to discuss that grammar is not simply about form, but about meaning as well. She concludes the chapter by challenging the readers current concept of grammar. Chapter 4 focuses on the three dimensions applied to language in communication. In this chapter Lasren-Freeman first discusses the first dimension of language- the visible and audible units, the sounds of language. The second dimension of language is the meaning and the third dimension refers to the pragmatic function of the word. Lasren-Freeman doesn’t emphasize that teaching the three dimensions in order is essential to creating a proper grasp of grammar, but she definitely implies that it is the most practical approach of creating a strong grasp on grammar. I am not sure if I completely agree with Lasren-Freeman’s claims in these chapters. I understand the arguments she was making in favor of the broader definition of grammar, but for me, the rules of grammar are more rigid than she would lead someone to believe. I also struggled to accept that approaching grammar in a three dimensional way would be the easiest way to educate students on the rules and meaning behind grammar. My approach to grammar is definitely more straightforward than Lasren-Freeman, but I do see where she was coming from in her explanations of the various approaches to understanding grammar.