Normal Daytime Work Hours for Internships, Admission Essay Example

I discovered the benefits of careful planning few years ago when I realized it allowed me to be much more efficient in my personal and college life. I had come across internship opportunities before but the timing was never right until now. I see internship as a valuable learning experience that may have a major impact on my career prospects, thus, I had to make sure my family responsibilities and financial situation would not be distractions.

Fortunately, everything is in place now and I am excited at the opportunity to gain valuable learning experience. My husband has full-time employment with a federal government agency and he is also a reserve in the Air National Guard, thus, he is the primary provider of our family. In addition, our finances will also be supported by $1,300 monthly pocket money I receive through G.I. Bill. Some of the pocket money will go towards hiring the services of a good daycare for my children and we also have the luxury of help from the family. Both mine and my husband’s grandparents as well as many other family members live in the same city as us and we also have a strong social network of friends.

I could not have asked for more ideal circumstances as I seek internship opportunity to advance my knowledge and skills. My husband and family members have always been supportive of my career ambitions and have convinced me to just focus on my internship and leave all family matters and finances to them. This is why I am so determined to take maximum advantage of all the learning opportunities at this internship because I do not only owe it to myself but also to others who have high expectations from my including my family and my professors.