Teaching Plan for a Child with Type I Diabetes, Admission Essay Example

It is common knowledge that effective management of diabetes is founded on proper health teaching and education about disease management. In teaching a 10 year old child, it is at this stage that the child is just developing their own learning strategies so the teaching methods employed should be individualized and dependent on the needs of the client, their learning style and level of comprehension. As 10 year olds have the capacity to think and reason out compared to younger aged children, they can participate in more challenging activities that require focus and concentration

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define Diabetes
  • Identify signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • Identify healthy and nutritious foods


  1. The child will watch a short film clip entitled “A Walk with Tim and Lindsey”, which explains the functions of the Digestive System, what is Diabetes, and types of Diabetes. From this session, the child can be engaged by asking them questions about what they learned from the film and other questions they may have.
  2. The child can participate in a match-up game wherein she will match sample food products to their relative food group. In this session, the important of diet and nutrition is highlighted.
  3. Picture cards or a Powerpoint presentation will be utilized to teach the child about the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia as the use of visual aids will facilitate information retention

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