Respiratory Tech Program, Admission Essay Example

I have always placed a high regard for the nursing profession because of the noble work that are rendered by nurses every day, thus inspiring me to become one someday. I am definitely a conscientious and persevering individual determined to give the best I can in whatever I do and to finish anything that I have started. Self-discipline is something that I learned from having worked early on right after graduation in high school.  I can apply myself to any task, even one I may dislike, and keep at it until it is finished.

In my pursuit of this dream, I have acknowledged the fact that the training institution would have a large factor in developing my qualities and skills as a nurse. Furthermore, I believe that attributes such as patience, sensitivity, compassion, caring and genuine concern to be of help to others are intrinsically necessary in the practice of nursing or any health-related profession. So I was truly interested when I read more about Molloy College and the values touted by the College. The college puts emphasis on academic excellence while at the same time, instilling the value of social, spiritual and ethical development. Molloy’s Nursing Division, in particular, has caught my attention as its programs are designed to immerse students in the clinical area and equal importance is given to concepts such as dignity, respect and compassion: elements that I believe that every nurse should understand. The support it offers students is another plus factor such as individualized attention, smaller class numbers, a state of the art learning laboratory and a team of expert faculty.

Having these qualities, I believe that Molloy College will provide me with the best education possible to achieve my goals and develop my character.  I do hope that the College will give my application serious consideration as I am sincerely looking forward to starting nursing studies and eagerly awaiting to take advantage of the superior academic opportunities this institution has to offer.