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As the Director of Training and Development for Strategic Communications Consultants (SCC) I wish to put forward my case for a promotion and increase in remuneration. This is based upon the success of the Universal Training program implemented for SCC and the increased responsibilities and workload that has been placed upon me resulting from the success of the Universal Training Program (UTP). As you know from my professional resume I have 20 years direct professional experience in Training and Development together with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management.

Success of Universal Training Program

Over the last 12 months I have implemented what has become known as the UTP program within the organization. This has covered a number of our core competencies within the business including that of diversity, quality assurance, corporate ethics, health and safety and sexual harassment.

I am particularly proud of the holistic achievements of this program and recent statistics show the positive impact this has had on our performance results i.e. cost reductions of 25% on operating costs, 30% increase in overall performance improvements, 20% reduction in accidents at work through improved health and safety standards, and improvement contribution in overall profitability and performance by 10%. Feedback from the staff has been extremely positive but we cannot be complacent as there is still more to accomplish in overall maintenance and enhancements to the UTP program.

This success has resulted in the need for additional staff responsibility and my increased involvement in managing this program. In addition, I have increased my responsibility by becoming increasing involved with the 6 department heads in the overall mentoring and implementation criteria of the UTP program.  You have endorsed this in my last four quarterly reviews which have reflected my increased contribution, trend of improved performance levels within my department and contribution to the increased profitability of the organization.

I consider that the success of the UTP program has demonstrated my capability and commitment to the organisation in going ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty to the firm. I have a demonstrated commitment and passion in the belief of the Companies strategic goals and objectives and I am in a managerial role that enables me to take a pivotal role in the direct success of the business. This supports my main thrust in consideration of a promotion to that of Executive Director with the appropriate compensation package.


It is vital that the firm maintains a highly educated work force and is supported by my Department in order to achieve that objective. This means the UTP program is at the heart of this success and that my clear stewardship and continued support of this program remains constant throughout its evolution and development. This will significantly increase my roles and responsibilities within the firm and help to articulate the cost benefits and savings within each of the six business units. I view the promotion as a formal acknowledgement of my services and responsibilities from the Executive Board. My ample demonstration of performance improvements, as acknowledged in my last four quarterly appraisals, demonstrates my increased responsibilities and commitment to the firm.